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Kate W. says:
We feel so fortunate to have found such a wonderful caregiver for our two dogs. Linda is an extremely trustworthy and compassionate individual and we do not hesitate to welcome her into our home to stay with and care for our dogs. It is so nice to be able to go on holiday knowing that our house and pets are so well taken care of. Linda walks our dogs everyday and we have not had any issues or concerns with her work. A very professional and responsible individual, her communication and feedback are excellent and she goes out of her way to ensure that our boys are well looked after. A conscientious pet owner by nature, she always reports back on our dogs' behaviour and well-being. Linda's dedication and genuine love for animals is evident by the excitement and love in our pets' eyes when she arrives for a visit. My husband and I do not hesitate to recommend Linda as a dog walker or as a live-in care giver for any pet. 

Dianne A. says:
We have hired Linda for our 9 year old Golden Retriever Oakley - to stay in the house and keep his routine as normal as possible. Other than my grand children, I don't know of anyone else that as he watches her walk up to the front door, has a toy in his mouth, wags his tail and CRIES. She can't come in the door fast enough for him:) I feel like I have won the lottery! 

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Corrine says:  I wanted to extend the kindest words possible about Linda and Step Ahead Pet Care Service. Linda has been an absolute blessing to Mac and his walker and feeder, as he tends to envision us. Linda  went above and beyond in her services for us and I want her to know how much we value her. We went on a short and very nervous vacation as we only had left Mac in a kennel once in two years and it was a disaster.  Mac has some issues and Linda handled them without a hitch. Linda kept us updated more than once a day and we knew Mac was in great hands and Linda loved him like he was her own.

The little things she does really make a difference to us.  Mac got to see the river valley daily and even got to ride in the copilot seat which he never gets with us. I honestly think that he was disappointed to see us come home. He now gets a daily trip to see something besides the Oliver area.  We are condo dwellers and I now know how much he loves his daily excursions. Our home was cared for and the King of our house has made a lifelong friend.  If anyone has any doubts or anxieties about Linda and Step Ahead Pet Care please contact us for a reference, Linda has our contact information.  We were over the moon happy.

Don, Corrine and Mac the Bull Terrier 

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In memory of the special pets that touch our lives...

Tess (Jocelyn and Dave)

Oakley (Dianne and Frank)